Well, it seems like New York is once again the lucky city that’s getting the debut of a new overseas retailer. To keep the TopShop company over here in the states, the U.K. retailer, Accessorize, will be making a home in New York by this upcoming Friday. Opening up in the West Village, the trendy retailer continues to add on to their already established 750 overseas stores. Accessorize has a wide variety of funky pieces of jewelry , purses, hats, purses cosmetics, scarves—you name it, they have it! The growing brand has been open since the 80s, opening up their first store in 1984 in London.

With a price range from $8-$80, everyone will be able to walk away with a great addition to their closet without breaking their bank. The store carries a both bold and colorful variety of pieces for all to have a little fun while spicing up a basic outfit. So I know you’re wondering if they will be partaking in “Black Friday” festivities since they are opening this Friday . . . and the answer is yes! This is a win all around, ladies—a debut store, opening up with a sale!

Check out some pieces to see if you will be shopping here…

– Ellisa Oyewo

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