Another one for the WTF files.

It seems as though a 19-year-old Lincoln, Nebraska woman wanted all of her stuff back from her ex . . . including his neck tattoo.

After getting into an argument with her 30-year-old boyfriend, Teressa Amerson allegedly tried to slice off a tattoo of her name on her his neck. Luckily, he suffered only scratches, but she’s been charged with domestic assault.

According to police reports, Amerson denied assaulting her boyfriend, Ronald Miner, asserting she had been “sleeping all day.” However a search of the home revealed a small paring knife on the living room floor.

The craziest part? Amerson and Miner may not have been a couple at all. In an interview with The Smoking Gun, Ronald Miner, who had been dating Amerson for approximately a year, claimed they weren’t even an official pair. When asked if he considered her his girlfriend, Miner said, “kinda, sorta, not really,” before adding, “she’s pretty crazy.”

Hearing this story made me flash back to all of the crazy stories I’ve heard about bad breakups. Over the years I’ve heard people speak of slashing tires, burning clothes, and keying the cars of their ex-partner. For me, it boils down to not being emotionally capable of handling the breakup—but for the person on the receiving end, it can be a painful and traumatic experience.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done (or was done to you) after a breakup?

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