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  • BrittAH

    This is song is mos def for ME! It’s right on time because even before it came out, I was already “doin me.” BEEN doin me-HOLLA! Thanks Fantasia girl!

  • glamgyrl

    Fantasia’s new album, ‘Back to Me’, is sooo good. This song is a true ladies’ anthem and conveys how a woman feels once she finds strength after a bad break-up. Her voice is distinctive, strong and soulful. Tasia is one of the few younger artists with good melodies, substantive lyrics and pure, raw talent.

  • MsBugAlot

    I LOVE this song, she looks happy as usual. There is nothing wrong with falling into a man especially when has falling into you. One should never base their happines on another always DO YOU…….

  • BFS

    I love Fantasia. A very talented sista.