TV shows come and go, but a great sense of style sticks with us. Over the years, we’ve witnessed some seriously trendsetting starlets grace our screens.  Season after season, we watched their personal style evolve as we developed our own (but not without taking a few of their cues first!). Here are a few of our faves . . .

Denise Huxtable, “The Cosby Show”

We adored her fearless style and matching attitude! She rocked everything from slouchy sweaters and shoulder pads to harem pants and military jackets. Denise effortlessly pulled off menswear-inspired pieces and global chic prints. Her statement-making accessories (think bold cuffs, hip fedoras, and patterned headwraps) complimented her edgy cropped do and later, luscious locs.

Whitley Gilbert, “A Different World”

No matter the occasion, the southern belle was always dressed impeccably. Her uniform consisted of sheer black stockings, classic black pumps, pearls, and sass. A trouser or argyle sweater occasionally made its way into her prim wardrobe. Thanks to Whitley, at an early age we became acquainted with Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin and Neiman Marcus.

Lisa Turtle, “Saved By the Bell”

The gossip queen was no stranger to designer duds. She rocked signature 80s frocks with a hint of sophistication. We’re talking acid wash denim jackets with printed dresses, oversized earrings and brightly colored hats. Kelly was the beauty, Jessie was the brainiac, and Lisa was clearly the style maven.

Dionne Davenport, “Clueless”

We loved that she took major fashion risks. Most were questionable, but they were all undoubtedly bold. And she owned it! Dionne added her unique flair to preppy crewneck sweaters and plaid schoolgirl skirts. She donned everything from box braids, bandanas and nose rings, to Shirley Temple curls and fuzzy barrettes. Who else could pull off a neon blue blazer with a yellow tank and lime green purse? As if!

Gina Waters-Payne, “Martin”

When she wasn’t lounging around in sweatshirts and jeans and putting up with her boyfriend Martin’s brash sense of humor, Gina was decked out in chic power suits and other pulled-together looks. Her style was unfussy and accessible—a monochromatic mix of classic cardis, tailored blazers, and loose trousers. Minimalist chic at its best.

Hilary Banks, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”

She was the trendy older sister we all wanted (or was that just me?). Maybe it’s because we always wanted to raid her closet. Was she snobby? At times. Dimwit? Usually. Fashionable? Always. Regardless of her nonsensical remarks and shopaholic tendencies, we were fans of her body-con cocktail dresses, tailored suits and ladies-who-lunch hats.

Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell, “Sister, Sister”

Their styles were distinct yet complimented each other. Tia, the more refined twin, opted for fitted turtlenecks, button-ups and cords, while the kookier twin, Tamera, experimented with wacky, printed tights and distressed denim. From the matching floppy hats to the mid-rise jeans, the duo made us all wish we were twins.

Joan Clayton, “Girlfriends”

Her chic ensembles, outfit-making accessories, and lush mane made it easy to look past her neurotic personality. We never got enough of her floor-grazing bohemian dresses, chunky jewelry and sky-high stilettos. She wasn’t shy about bold color or prints and rocked every silhouette imaginable—from retro high-waisted pants to flirty A-line dresses to sleek pencil skirts. Her style was always classy, and always on trend.

Who are your favorite TV style icons?

-Audra E. Lord

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