I Love My Skin


With all the talk about loving our hair and whipping it back and forth, we figured we’d keep the ball rolling and celebrate why we love our beautiful brown skin. Here are ten reasons we can’t get enough!

I love my skin because it is . . .

. . . diverse. From creamy tapioca and warm caramel to sweet cinnamon and deep ebony, our skin comes in a myriad of shades—all equally stunning.

. . . kissable. Especially by the sun. While we still need to pile on the sunscreen, we don’t need to run from her embracing rays. Instead, we welcome them.

. . . luminous. There’s just something radiant about our skin. Whether it’s just been sun-kissed or is naturally almond-roasted, the rich yellow and red undertones make us glow.

. . . ageless. As the saying goes, “Black don’t crack.” And there’s some truth to it. The large amounts of melanin in our skin protects from long-term damage associated with aging, like deep wrinkles and age spots.

. . . versatile. Our brown hues go great with others. It pops against bold color like bright blues, yellows and pinks, and contrasts beautifully against basic white and black.

. . . unattainable. While some other women go to extremes to get a warmer complexion, we can skip the tanning bed. We naturally have that, “I just got back the Bahamas” glow. And yes, we look this good all year round.

. . . delicious. Mmmm. In fact, some of the tastiest foods come in the same brown tones: dark chocolate, coffee, honey, sugar, maple syrup, licorice . . . just to name a few.

. . . an heirloom. It is a mark of our ancestors’ blood still running deeply through our veins. And we wear it draped as a cloak of pride.

. . . resilient. Our skin is a shield, in the most anatomical sense and metaphorically. It is our barrier. It is our defense. A representation of our struggle and our strength.

. . . beautiful. Need we say more? Didn’t think so.

Why do you love your skin?

-Audra E. Lord

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