A new video has hit the viral airwaves—but is also drawing big, fat SMHs, WTFs, and UMMMMs.

Ray Jr. and Erika Kayne’s song, “She Said (Don’t C-m In Me),” has taken vulgarity in hip-hop way too far. The video appears to be your typical rap video at first click, but listening closely, you’ll figure out that the song is about baby-making in extramarital affairs.

The song is meant to be a video about safe sex—and calls on pulling out, rather than birth control or condoms, as a method of doing so. Things seem to go awry in the video. Especially with a surreal hook that says:

“Don’t c-m in me, don’t c-m in me!/You’ve gotta pull out, it’s feeling so good but I don’t want to have kids now.”

Whether or not this song will receive any airplay on radio stations, BET, or MTV is big puzzler. We would go on . . . but we’d rather have you watch the song for yourself and share your thoughts.

Sound off! Do you think this song is appropriate? Is it really an example of safe sex?

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