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  • Ebony Chinn

    I definitely feel like she oversung the song. And what I don’t understand is why she was still with him after all that? Especially seeing how her last single circles ended.

  • Cece

    Jazmine takes it too far with this “hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn” thing sometimes, lol

  • BFS

    I like most of the video, just not how it ended. Her outfit was cute.

  • fuzzy

    DAMN do you guys like anything? every time i come to this motherfuka and look at videos its always some bullshit about “oh there not representing us right” or “she cant sing”
    stfu! its a SONG shit the general population is not the only ones looking at us sideways nowadays its our people! stop thinking everybody gotta represent us and please us to make our race look good. its ignorant and raciest. and like i said before in many videos ITS A SONG its meant ot ENTERTAIN not teach get over yourselves for once! if you want to educate young black youth you do it! stop thinking its an entertainers sole responsibility to make our people look good. WE should be doing it ourselves! create your own positivity and make your own domino effect simple as that