We love it when a random White guy can turn the often complicated and emotional mentions of race, gender and sexuality into something utterly hilarious with bold print and geometrical color-blocking.

The Tumblr page of the Privilege Denying Dude is off the charts with funny photo templates evoking racial and gender-specific humor all the while comically denying White male privilege.

His “about me” section reads, “Look, I wasn’t around when all that bad stuff happened. All I know is I got to where I am solely by hard work. Discrimination? I’m not going to listen to this. You obviously can’t hear me: my reality is the only reality.”

Gotta love it. Oh, and you can create your own here. Check out some of our faves!

What do you think? Funny or gone too far? Sound off!

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  • S.

    The “White Entertainment Television” one I see alll the time on the internet and it’s quite hilarious so I’m happy to see a White person make fun of it.

    And by “we” do you mean Clutch? lol

  • sloane

    LMAO. this is hilarious, and is exactly what privilege denying looks like. i think it’s great that this made me laugh about something i totally find infuriating in everyday life. and the last one resonates with me as well i constantly pass for straight and men constantly insist that i can’t really be a lesbian because i look stereotypically feminine. i MUST be sexually accesible to them, otherwise i’m not a “real” woman.

  • ProofOfLife

    Love this! I can’t believe how much of these I’ve heard in real life, especially on liberal arts campuses and from “progressives”.