“Ellisa! I swear you are so stuck in your style. You stay in the box of Ballet dancer mixed with College Student” was the greeting I got as I walked to my friend’s door. Chuckling because I know it’s true, I started to think of where I get my style inspiration. Being a fresh college grad, and dance being one my true passions, I realized it only made sense that I would pull from both of the areas that made such a natural impact in my life. My friend, who steps out and looks like an international rockstar with prints & patterns, is surrounded by music in her life as occupation and passion— all of which shines through her clothing. So it had me thinking about different professions from which people channel style.

Dancer—Legwarmers, leggings, off-the shoulder tops. Oh, this is my paradise collection when it comes to style. Comfortable but still chic. Numerous trends have come out of the creative world of dance. From tutu inspired party skirts to the leotard that made a comeback after Beyonce came out with her “Single Ladies,” dance trends are everywhere. Even if you’ve never stepped foot on a stage or in a dance class, diving in and pulling dance inspired pieces will give you a fun mix in your personal collection.

Teacher—We all had that teacher or professor growing up who’s style was impeccable! From the crisp-ironed oxford blouse, to the fitted pencil skirt, and to finish it off a pair of sling back peep toe heels to seal the deal—their wardrobe screamed fresh professional. Even though business attire, mixing colors and prints in the pot keeps it a bit adventurous.

College Student—Time to grab the cardigan, jeans, and a cute pair of flats, and off to class. Simple, basic and affordable was the best way to get to that 8 am class all the way on the other side of campus in style. Keeping a variety of basics that you could mix and match allowed you to save all your brain power for other things, from catching the new guy’s attention on the quad to studying for that final exam.

Rockstar—In our heads we all imagine a little rocker chick within us. From sky high boots to bold accessories, the edgy girl pulls from the unpredictable rockstar lifestyle. Commanding attention with minimal color but bold accessories makes it noticeable in a subtle way. Giving off an attitude through your style, gives more confidence and allows you to take on a fearless mindset once you’re all ready to go out for the night.

Librarian—Pull out the crewneck sweater, the bow blouse, a chic pair of glasses, and kitten heels to bring out your inner librarian. The classic librarian look will give you a studious chic that you can spice up.

No matter what style you choose it all goes back to fun and comfort. So what are some of the professions from which you channel your personal style?

-Ellisa Oyewo

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