From Frugivore MagazineDemocracy Now! reported the most important news story of the year on November 17th.  Amy Goodman interviewed former CIGNA employee Wendell Potter, whose book Deadly Spin detailed his work as chief spokesperson for the health insurer.  In his two-part interview with Democracy Now!, Potter claims he had a major role in a campaign to defame and destroy the credibility of Academy Award winning, documentary director Michael Moore.

In a strategy session with the major health care providers, Potter alleges that health care executives were nervous over what Moore’s 2007 film Sicko would reveal about their normal practices.   Many of large health care providers, including Potter’s CIGNA, implemented plans to counteract the film’s message.

The most explosive claim in interview comes early on when Potter says, “[S]pecial interests, and the insurance industry, in particular, will use premium dollars to funnel thousands and thousands, if not millions, of dollars to big PR firms to set up fake grassroots organizations—astroturf, as we call it—and front groups.”

The absurdity America’s health care system is wrapped up in Potter’s quote.  As a matter of fact, the whole American political system seems irrevocably broke.  America elects politicians, who in turn go to Washington and find themselves ill-equipped to fight off the influence health care lobbyist.  These lobbyist work directly against the interests of the people, yet no one seems to want to change the system completely.  Why? Marketing.

Marketing firms continue to influence the decisions of American voters.  In 2010, election spending soared upwards toward 4 billion dollars.  No one can possibly make an informed decision when most of their knowledge comes from one-sided ads.

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