Although I would consider myself a purveyor of all things vintage, it took an unlikely gift from my mother-in-law to prompt me to the cachet of the high-waisted, full coverage undergarment known as “granny panties”. A relic from decades past—before the implementation of low-rise, boy-short, bikini-cut, and the ever salacious thong—these were the panties of choice (or availability) amongst both the young and old. Nowadays, the modest panty usually falls on reserve, specifically for those visits from Aunt Flow, and remains attributed to bashful grandmothers.

But there’s something novel behind wearing something so contrary to the hypersexual melange that’s constantly being thrust at us; a subtle sense of rebellious opposition in the form of functional fashion.

Sensual yet ladylike, granny panties have positioned themselves to be a more stylish offering—still antiquated in form, but contemporary in substance. Fashion-forward and provocative, understated and ultra-feminine, you’ll feel on-the-cusp, albeit in secret.

Mary High Waisted Boy Short, Urban Outfitters, $34
Stretch Floral Lace High-Waist Brief, American Apparel, $20
Nylon Spandex Micro Mesh Bloomer, American Apparel, $32
Le Mont St. Michel High-Waisted Brief, Urban Outfitters, $155

– Princess Glover

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