While the blogs, tabloids, and entertainment news shows go apeshit over the break up of “Desperate Housewives” diva Eva Longoria and basketball star Tony Parker, I wonder why people even care at all.

In case you missed the hoopla, apparently Tony’s been sneaking around behind Eva’s back and carrying on an e-relationship with his former teammate’s wife. Earlier this week, news surfaced that Eva stumbled on some very sexy text messages exchanged between her French-born hubby and Erin Barry, who is also going through her own breakup from former NBA player, Brent Barry.

Every time a scandal like this hits I question the media’s obsession with celebs and their relationships. If it isn’t Jen and Ben, or Tiger and Elin, or The Dream and Christina Milian, it’s someone else’s relationship burning up the interwebs and airwaves. With never-ending news cycles, and regular folk like Perez Hilton and Sandra Rose rising to the level of industry insiders by covering every detail of celebrity life, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype.

But seriously, what’s up with our obsession with other people’s business?

There are thousands of interesting and far more serious and important things we could spend our time yapping about, yet we don’t. Cap and Trade? What’s that? The upcoming elections that could split Sudan? Who cares! Celebrity X is cheating on Celebrity Y and that’s all the media’s talking about.

What’s up with that?

What do you think? Why is America so obsessed with celebrities & their private lives? Sound off!

edited 11/17/2010

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  • Latesa1009

    For the same reason they hold up traffic to look at strangers in accidents, most people get a sick thrill out of watching other ppl’s misfortunes.

  • King Jason

    It depends. Sometimes it is just like watching a “reality” show and seen as entertainment or a juicy drama. Sometimes it’s someone you like. ‘Interested’ might be a better word than ‘care’ most cases.

  • Brent “Berry”? It’s “Barry”. It’s one of the legendary basketball family names.

    To answer your question: we care because it’s on TV, in magazines and on the Web. Exposure gets us involved and human nature takes it from there. If something is on every magazine while I’m waiting in line or featured on some show, then there’s a chance most people will at least stop to look or pay attention.

  • WoW

    Because as much stock as people put into material images: beautiful wife, 65 million dollar home, 2+ kids attending Oxford and can trace their lineage to King What’s His Name from the stone age, its nice to know that life is not a respecter of persons.

  • WeeZee

    Cause we as a society need help!