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  • robbie

    Leave the man alone. He is doing his thing. If the can help his family this way why not? It may not be how some would like it so what! At least the man his doing something. I will not hate on his hussler.This video is mad funny.

  • a/n

    this is getting so old. what next? a new years day song from AD? come on! lol. move on.. his 1 month of fame is up!

  • Mr. Loves Women

    Sad that this man is letting himself and his people be exploited like this. We are laughing at this dude, not with him. He’s really starting to embarrass me as a black person who has to work with white people who see this mess as well. I will admit that the first song was creative and original (in spite of its unfortunate origins ie: rape) but this is just straight talentless stupidity.

    Mr. Dodson on behalf of all people of color who are proud to be black, love hip hop, love education, and work hard to make it in a white world that already sees us as a bunch of coons, not to mention trying to make it in a tight job market……….. please stop this Thom Coonery ASAP. Thanks my brother. For real.

    • Ann G

      Yessss!!!! I agree brotha.

  • Honey, as long as coonery is being thrown money, fools will continue to perform. Money is everything, respect for themselves is nothing to them.

  • Stone

    coon… smh

    I can’t wait for the Boondocks to do an episode about this. This was truly horrible.