Picture-3431When winter hits, it’s as if we women have to switch up everything! Not just our wardrobe, but our hair and skin regimes as well. You didn’t forget your nails, did you? Our nails take quite a beating each day, but even more so when you’re hustlin’ and bustlin’ in the bitter cold. Looking to prevent your nails from breaking?

Follow these five essential tips.


STEP 1: Care for Your Cuticles
Massage your nails daily. That’s right—when you moisturize your hands, spend a few extra seconds concentrating on your cuticles and nail beds. This helps to keep your nails moisturized and feeling the love. While lotion can do the trick, we love using jojoba and olive oil on our nails. Massaging at night with oil makes for a perfect pre-bed pampering session. Burt’s Bees Cuticle Lemon Cream ($6, burtsbees.com) makes for a great portable cuticle moisturizer that you can use any and everywhere you go.

STEP 2: Avoid Dishpan Hands
It’s the one chore that we all dread. But whether we like it or not, washing dishes is inevitable. Protect your nails by wearing gloves each and every time you wash and rinse dishes. Even nails that are hard as steel are no match to soapy water, which can make them dry and brittle. Need a little fashionable inspiration to avoid your standard yellow rubber mitts? Try dainty, girly dishwashing gloves by Horchow ($35, horchow.com). For a two-in-one treatment, apply oil or cuticle creme to your nails before putting on the cleaning gloves.

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