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  • binks

    Eva looks okay but I wish she tone down the blond just a tab bit

  • Kisha

    Hate the blonde hair.

  • Bronze

    Eva knows better. I think she is talking on her cell phone too much while her stylist is getting high. When she was on Young and the Restless, she looked flawless. She rocked a chestnut colored shoulder length weave with auburn highlights.

    The dress does nothing for her shape. And I agree with Binks and Kisha, the blond hair is played out.

  • Danielle Monifa

    If she must be blond then a deeper toned blond would work best. She’s a beautiful girl with a face and personality that can rock and edgy look effortlessly, but this just ain’t it.

  • Glamarazzi

    I don’t like the hair either. The dress isn’t flattering either…or appropriate for the event. She’s a cute girl, but I don’t think model when I look at her at all.