• jones

    That girl as a beautiful youthful face…

  • jones

    That girl has a beautiful youthful face…I am not in love with the outfit I’ve seen her in better. She should lose the jacket.

  • Bronze

    Note to stylist: Bright monochrome colors, perfectly tailored and made of expensive silk from head to toe. Her skin is to beautiful not to shine. Black stones jewelry big diamonds. Hair needs to be bigger. Think Dolly Pardon gone earthy. Lipstick has to pop to show off those perfect teeth. She is just too pretty to be blah.

  • binks

    I think that would be a perfect outfit on someone else, Gabby is sort of getting lost in it, her skin is made for color and she looks pregnant so the dress is not really flattering her midsection

  • keke

    the outfit is alright…thats all it is