Don’t expect your favorite celebrities to send out any tweets today, because they’re officially dead.

A slew of A-listers, from newlyweds Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats to Usher to Kim Kardashian to Ryan Seacrest, will commit digicide today in honor of World AIDS Day and sacrifice their social media accounts in order to raise $1Million for A. Keys’ charity, Keep a Child Alive.

The innovative fundraising campaign, whose tagline asks, “How many real lives can be saved by sacrificing a few digital ones?” aims to save millions of lives in Africa and India by raising funds to help prevent and treat the disease.

According to the foundation’s website, all of the participating celebs will stay off the grid until the $1Millon goal is reached.

“No more Twitter or Facebook updates from any of them. No more knowing where they are, what they had for dinner, or what interesting things are happening in their lives. From here on out, they’re dead. Kaput. Finished.”

So if you find yourself wondering what’s up with Lady Gaga today, don’t bother. Donate.

Music insider, Leigh Blake, and acclaimed musician, Alicia Keys, created Keep a Child Alive (KCA) in 2003.  After traveling throughout Africa and working with other AIDS originations, each woman knew that she wanted to do more to fight the disease. KCA provides anti-retroviral medicine to children and adults with HIV/AIDS in impoverished communities in India and Africa.

To date, Keep a Child Alive has raised millions of dollars and assisted over 250,000 adults and children obtain life saving HIV/AIDS medication and regular, ongoing HIV care and testing. The foundation is also extremely committed to caring for children who are orphaned due to the virus.

Preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest challenges, and could lead to the greatest achievement, of our generation. “Helping keep a child, or mother, or father or brother or sister alive, means turning the worst epidemic of our lifetime into the greatest victory of our generation,” Keys said in an interview with CNN.com.

Watch the Keep A Child Alive PSA and find out what you can do to help!

Do you think these celebs can really stay away from all social media? Could you? Tell us!

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  • as someone else said… i dont get this… so people are supposed to care THAT MUCH that their favorite celebrities arent utlizing social networks that they donate money to AIDS? am i missing something? where is the connection? WHO CARES IF THESE PEOPLE DONT TWEET? most of them dont say much of anything anyway. why not use their celebrity and millions of followers to further discuss AIDS itself, prevention, treatment, the importance of knowing ones status… wouldnt that be a better way to utlize social outlets to raise money for an organization?

  • and yeah, are celebrities doing any kind of donating or matching themselves? cuz then maybe it would make a little more sense… like theyre saying, ‘i know you wont donate just to donate for the sake of AIDS awareness, but i know youll donate if you dont hear my tweets so ill match your donation’

    the website doesnt say anything about celeb donations but it does say:

    ‘Alicia Keys sacrificed her digital life to help save millions of real lives affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. That means no more Facebook or Twitter updates from her until $1,000,000 is raised to buy her life back.’

    really? alicia keys SACRIFICED her digital life? it was a sacrifice? REALLY? her digital life is worth the millions of real lives taken every day by AIDS? and those pictures of the celebs in caskets? completely offensive.

    if they really want to help, they should take a page out of angelina jolies book. become an AIDS Ambassador. get a pilots license and a private plane and fly to Africa (or DC, which actually has a higher AIDS rate than some parts of Africa) and educate. dont ‘sacrifice your digital life,’ which isnt a sacrifice of any kind.

    the more i sit here and think about it, the madder i get *logs off*

  • King Jason

    First of all: I love Alicia Keys. OK, I’m in love with this woman and my S.O. has to live with that. Not only beautiful and incredibly talented she is a great and giving and community-active person…but this creeps me out.