• HoneyDew

    Question, would he really always fall for her type if she did not look like that?!!!?!?! If she was a little over weight, a little plainer looking, had shorter hair or looked like any woman walking on the street, going to school or going to work would he really be pining after her, I think not!!!

  • Miss A

    I am NOT feeling that video! He should’ve ended it by either: (1) slamming the door in her face, or (2) having her dragged off by the cops! That would’ve made it a much better video! Seeing another black man act a fool over a non-black woman is ridiculous and insulting….BORING! I expected more from Jamie…..

    • dont worry

      how do you sound right now? what does it matter a black man acting a fool over a non black woman? how idiotic does that sound? it doesnt matter the race of the woman, not every black man date a black woman.