Despite mass dissension on Keri Hilson’s latest video, “The Way You Love Me,” directed by acclaimed choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, the 27-year-old singer stands by her video and sexually explicit lyrics. Hilson sat down with gossip blogger Perez Hilton, and she has no regrets.

The video premiered last week to a string of Web criticism. Hilson is seen wide-leg throttle in a barely there ensemble with steamy moves. Many viewers expressed confusion wondering how the singer could go from her inspirational homage of iconic Black female entertainers in her “Pretty Girl Rock” video, to what many consider a raunchy effort.

One CLUTCH commenter says, “Is she saying what I think she is saying?!???!!!!! WTH!!!! I do not like this, I always liked Keri for her confidence and her Pretty Girl Rock song was a nice anthem for confidence, but now I am just disappointed!!”

But Keri Hilson doesn’t flinch. The ATL-native has this to say to her critics who think she’s intentionally creating controversy to sell records in a recent interview with Perez Hilton. “I can’t allow other people to dictate or the media to dictate what I can or can’t do.” Hilson says TLC, Josephine Baker, Madonna, and Janet Jackson didn’t do that. The singer argues, “We can’t approach art from a fear perspective.”

Hilson takes it a step further defending her lyrics that read, “I can take that ship boy, switch up your position/Yea you do it hard baby like you on a mission/Now I do it Superman – Love, or addiction/Baby you can count down, renew your prescription . . . Love me, love me – it’s the way you love me/Touch me, touch me – it’s the way you touch me/F*ck me, f*ck me – it’s the way you f*ck me.”

“I don’t want to be held and caressed every time, sometimes I want to be f*cked. You want it good sometimes,” says Hilson standing by her lyrics. The “No Boys Allowed” starlet says she’s a freak and that she’s not here to paint herself perfect.

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  • Fail

    Are people being realistic? I remember the concerts of the women everyone is claiming are so much classier than Kerri. They were extremely raunchy. But sex is apart of human nature. It’s not that serious. And kids have access to sexually graphic material since the pin up girls back in the day. Sex is not new, nor is it some big secret. Nor is sexually explicit media new or even kinda new. She is grown, so your kids shouldn’t be listening to a grown woman talking about sex anyway or listening to everything and everybody. If you are a concerned parent there are many options for family friendly media. And each person has a choice. If you don’t like a song, don’t listen to it. Turn the dial. But don’t try to dictate what others can listen to.

    Where was all this controversy with Bump and Grind, and Knocking the Boots and Love You Down, and Cream? Such a huge double standard when it comes to sex. Usually reinforced by women more than men. If individuals were more blunt and less demure when it came to talking about the usage of condoms, sexual preferences, and sexual health that would be shocking and surprising.

    I’m still waiting for a song about how to put on a condom, how to get tested, and how to ask for birth control since the media is “bringing down the youth”. Since the youth learn from videos, tv, and music instead of parents that would be a great idea.

  • Cee Lo

    I find it laughable that many of the in comments in the thread go to the tune of “she’s right, we shouldn’t box her in” buuutttttt (INSERT REASON WHY SHE SHOULD STILL CONFORM TO SOCIETY STANDARDS OR JUSTIFY WHY SHE SHOULD BE PRIM AND PROPER HERE) and then talk about how Keri is this walking talking contradiction. SMH!

    I generally like songs in this arena from Lil Kim and other female artists from time to time but just cuz I didnt love the video or the song doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have made it. Keri didnt make this song for my opinion or those of the commenters in the blogosphere.

    If you can relate and this sounds like an anthem to you – cool. If not, don’t dwell on something you really can’t change. The video’s impact isnt going anywhere. Kudos to Keri for doing her thing.

  • This is B.S.

    It’s so funny how anything goes these days. And it can not be compared to pin ups or artist of yesteryear. Truth is, we, people of color seem to only push out music ( well, majority) about f*cking, riding, grinding, stripping, threesomes, you name it, it’s been sung and rapped about and is played constantly on radios and tv. Seriously, I don’t need someone telling me their sexual business, keep that sh8t to yourself and the whole world doesn’t need to know about it either. And these artist claim, well it’s not for kids, don’t they know that it’s the kids who are buying and playing their music? And we wonder why kids are having sex younger and younger and the music we are making has no reguard or social responsibilty for ‘OUR’ youth. They just want to make the money. I can’t even play a black radio station at home when my children are around because of the lyrics. They, artist don’t care, it’s all about the money and that’s sad. And I believe Keri is falling into the same trap many female artist fall into, Selling her music through sex. She only has a decent voice, not the best, no where near the best or unique, nothing that stands out, so she has to do a lot more to sale those cd’s and tickets. So she’s using her lyrics and her looks. That’s the music game now anyway, chicks with gimmics. Nice beats and hooks, sex and many compilations with other artist. We’ve lost the quality in our music…it’s shameful now almost all of it. We are so much more than that.