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  • Tay

    Though I am usually a fan of a nice kiltie boot, Ciara is so basic, its ridiculous. She still dresses like she’s in high school.

    • Brit

      i agree. being age appropriate matters.

  • moriko

    i think she looks beautiful in a effortless way, love this look ! i wonder what brand are those jeans ..

  • Robby

    2003 anyone?

  • SCLove1

    This look is a little too young for my taste. This actually looks like something she would have worn when she first hit the scene as a teenager.

  • Glamarazzi

    I agree it looks too young to me as well. Her wig is bothersome too. These “looks of the day” are pretty interesting sometimes…I’m not always certain what the “look” is supposed to be though.