A card with the message, “Congratulations. You Got Bad Touched,” was available for sale yesterday on Etsy, an online vendor for handmade and vintage products. The description for the card said that it was meant for individuals who had experienced rape or stalking in their lives: “Get creeped on, get raped? Know someone that has? Then this card is for them.”

Made by a person with the name “youstupidbitch,” the card was on sale on the site for $2.50 each.

According to their official policy, Etsy takes no responsibility for products sold on their site, legally protecting themselves from being sued for any demeaning products that are created or sold. Their Terms of Use claim that the online vendor “has no control over the quality, safety, morality or legality of any aspect of the items listed.” However, in their list of prohibited items for sale, Etsy does not allow items that harass others or items that appear or are deemed obscene.

Sound Off! How do you feel about this card? Appropriate or not?

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