Even after 50 years women are still confused about the effects of the pill.

December marks the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill, and according to a a poll released by Human Life International America (HLI), most American women do not know the health risks that are associated with the use of hormonal contraceptives like the birth control pill. The most commonly used form of birth control since the 1960s, “The Pill” has been linked to an increase in the risk of breast cancer.

Jenn Giroux, executive director of HLI America, said that the organization conducted the poll to determine how many women were actually aware of the pill’s risks.

“[I have] concern about this from a women’s perspective,” Giroux told the Daily Caller. “A lot of mothers I know share with me and are concerned about their daughters having cramps  follow the advice of their doctors to put their young daughters on the birth control pill, not realizing that any young woman on the pill for four years, before their first full term baby, increase their breast cancer risk 52 percent.”

According to the poll, 19 percent of respondents said that they were aware of the fact that the pill increases the risk of developing breast cancer. 49 percent said that they were warned of weight gain, 23 percent of headaches, and 40 percent spoke of blood clots and increased risk of stroke.

“It’s long been known that estrogen/progestogen combination drugs such as the pill does cause breast cancer. In fact, in 2005 the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, put it as a Group I carcinogen,” said Dr. Angela Lanfranchipe, breast cancer surgeon and co-director of Sanofi Aventis Breast Cancer Center Steeplechase Cancer Center.

Most women who take or have taken the Pill began taking it at the age of 18 or younger. Fewer than 20 percent of women have never taken the pill and 60 percent said they started taking it in order to avoid pregnancy. Protecting against unwanted pregnancy was the number one response, while the second was a desire to regulate the menstruation cycle.

“It is time for an awareness campaign for young women and their health and we have to connect the dots,” Giroux said. “Government institutions like the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute’s issues warnings and restrictions all the time on things like cigarettes . . . but what about issuing these warnings to young women who are taking these hormones and putting themselves at risk for cancer?”

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  • AmakaCamille

    Co-sign Jencendiary’s comments. HLI is a pro-life org. You have to question the sources of this so-called “data.” Its a propaganda tool

    • omg

      why aren’t you questioning who funded the other study by this doctor?

      both sides should be questioned, no? that’s even more important to know. i’d like to know if big pharma funded that doctor’s study, even more than if some pro-life catholic organization funded another.

    • Jencendiary

      I would take a study funded by Daffy Duck over a study funded by HLI. I would take a study funded by the evil alien that lives in Dick Cheney’s pacemaker over a study funded by HLI. I would take a study funded by Lindsay Lohan’s rehab doctor over one funded by HLI.

      I cannot stress this enough. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

  • How is a blatantly anti-choice org – that considers contraception physically and spiritually harmful – the sole source for this “report”? That makes no sense. Whatever your opinion on abortion, sex ed, contraceptive use, and other reproductive rights issues, you’ve got to know that you can’t present one side of an issue like this and call it a job well done. I could see if Clutch had a particular stance or bias on the matter but as a neutral forum, the reporting ought to be fair and balanced. If I’m mistaken and this is a forum which leans toward the anti-choice, anti-contraception side, please do put that in the about section so we know.

    Folks are here talking about the doctors are biased so they’d lie to you about whether oral contraceptives caused breast cancer. Alright, you can pull out your conspiracy theories if you like, but the Centers for Disease Control – the neutral, unbiased, nonpartisan CDC – has said that oral contraceptives don’t lead to cancer. http://www.cdc.gov/media/pressrel/r020626.htm

    Someone come up with a reason why the CDC is lying about this and why HLI couldn’t possibly be slanting facts to push an agenda. I say you should choose to abstain from sex or choose the birth control method that works for your body and lifestyle. There are many options which use hormones and many that do not. HLI and similar groups would have you eschew contraception altogether and just have as many kids as God would desire for you. Yet they’re credible enough to build an article upon?