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  • Alexandra

    Her face looks cute. And her signature hairstyle.
    For fashion award show, her outfit/shoes are pretty plain. But whatever works for her. Those shoes look comfy.

  • twbRQUE

    She looks like a hot mess and those clothes look tooold for her.She should of borrowed some of those dresses she modeled on the nov.issue of instylemagazine with adam levine from maroon 5.

  • Brit

    I think she looks amazing. She dosen’t look like a tramp and she looks comfortable. Then again , she always looks nice!!

  • Henry

    VV always looks gorgeous and smiley.

    My problem is that VV steadfastly refuses to look sexy & own her height. I’ve no doubt VV would look incredible if she posed properly at full height instead of stooping. To my eyes the shoe height & hem length look very appropriate for the weather. Another day I’d prefer more open shoe style to match the lace and increased heel so that the dress hangs evenly.

    Check out the various M&S adverts where VV celebrates her height alongside tall girls Ana & Lisa, the clothes hang properly and she looks breathtakingly fantastic.