From Black Voices — All hell is breaking loose in cyberspace as supporters of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange attack the web sites of companies like PayPal and Mastercard that have stopped providing services for the site.

Businesses, including Amazon.com, began to sever ties with WikiLeaks after the group released a trove of diplomatic cables that revealed U.S. thinking on issues likeNorth KoreaRussia and China. The documents have caused the United States widespread embarassment.

U.S. government officials are investigating the possibility of filing criminal charges against Assange and he is also facing rape charges from two women in Sweden.

Assange’s supporters say the timing of the charges appear politically motivated. A WikiLeaks spokesperson said the refusal of Mastercard and others to allow use of the services the group uses to raise money amounts to an attack on free speech. Dubbed “Operation Payback,” a group of “Hacktivists” have been causing havoc at several sites. They even attacked Sarah Palin’s website.

“We are seeing growing support for us, especially in the last few days when we’ve had these outrageous attacks on us by companies that are bowing to political pressure from political forces in the United States,” Kristinn Hrafnsson told ABC NewsWednesday. “We are getting seriously close to censorship in the United States and that must surely go against the fundamental values that the country is based upon.”

But lawyers for the two women who have accussed Assange of rape say that they are being treated like they did something wrong.

“They were attacked by Mr. Assange and then they are treated like perpetrators themselves,” attorney Claes Borgstrom told ABC News. “He has molested them and then sacrificed them for his own interests.”

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  • Clnmike

    The word is that what he is accused of isn’t actually rape but having consensual sex with women without a condom, which apparently is illegal in some twisted interpretation of the law. It looks like he was set up.

    • Jencendiary

      If a woman consents to having sex with a man under the condition that he use a condom, and he does not, that is sexual assault. Consent is conditional and can be withdrawn at any time.

  • kekes

    Technically the women who accused him said in interviews that they never intended on him to be charged with rape- which is different from and more serious than unexpected sex with a condom. But he’s still innocent til proven guilty…

    Anyways, I think the saddest part about the whole leaked cables thing and any other info Wikileaks has released is that most of the public don’t even know how to interpret the leaked info. It’s like finding a gold mine but most people don’t appreciate the value

  • The right to express yourself freely should always be protected and it seems now the authorities has taken an apporach typical of a society demanding that even the citizens of other countries follow their rules.