After refusing to go on air to discuss his reasoning behind the creation of a rape congratulations card with CNN, Derrick Ito took to Google to make public remarks.

Derrick Ito, who claims on his Google profile that his real name is Daryl, is the man behind the “youstupidbitch” username which received major backlash on the interwebs for the creation of a congratulations card that was received with mixed reviews as insensitive and humorous. Ito claims that he didn’t want to go on air because he didn’t want to be attacked.

“no way was i going to be live on a phone call or Skype call with them,” Ito wrote. “5 angry rape survivors would have cornered me live on air? no thanks.”

Rather Ito decided he would respond with words. And more cards.

“it might have gone ok if i did it, but it would have been setting myself up for attack on the air. sometimes im quick with the right words, but didn’t want to chance digging myself into a hole. much easier to give a measured thought out response via text.”

In fact, Ito claims that his silence and the press surge from outraged consumers has been beneficial for him.

“i got the press i wanted with them yelling at me and me being anonymous, 1000 unique visitors in the last ten minutes and continuing to climb, orders in, and wholesale order inquiries just came in.

Taking in hand the right to his freedom of expression and speech, Ito has continued to create cards making light of serious conditions. Most recently, he created a congratulations card for new breast cancer patients, children with Down syndrome, and a slew of other cards at his website, youstupidbitch.com. Activists and social media groups have been created to raise awareness about insensitivity and defamation.

Watch reactions to Ito’s cards:

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  • Well, here’s my deal. First off, some one sent this link to me because, I too was a victim of a rape joke taken wrongly. Here’s the deal, rape is bad, hands down. Just like racism is bad. Just like “bullying” is bad. Just like divorce is bad. Just like murder is bad. Everyone has their own moral compass, which places the following negative things I just mentioned on different levels of each individual’s moral compass. Everyone deals with being a victim of these occurrences in a different way (except murder, seeing as any victim of murder pretty much deals with it the same, . . . .dead).

    Making light of something is wonderful way too ease the stigma of that something. We do it for racism, bullying, divorce AND murder. Rape has always fallen into that “touchy subject” category. This guy is one of the many people in this world who have publicly done so and been crucified for it.

    Was his joke funny? Eh, sort of, but not really. I thought the artwork and perhaps the cleverness of the cards’ statements could’ve been executed better, but unfortunately for every person’s sensitivities, he has the right to present his expression as he sees fit. Much like the proverbial “I’m not touching you” finger that lingers in your face but never actually touches you, though it may annoy you, it IS, in essence, NOT touching you.

    Much like when a white person makes a racial joke (hurtful slurs and blatant unclever racism excluded), people who perhaps have experienced racism are quick to say “Well you don’t know how it feels”, or something to that affect, rape victims say the same thing.

    I have experienced rape first hand, and not on the giving end, as most of you might assume seeing as I have a penis. I will not get into details, but it happened, I mended my emotional wounds and moved back into the flow of life’s traffic. I’m not ssaying this is how every rape victim should go about it, because again, EVERYONE is different. I only say this to say, I find myself now, as an actor/comedian, on both ends of the “joke”.

    Just like watching Glee, if you don’t like it, then don’t look at it. That simple. Not saying you shouldn’t be moved or have an opinion, but once you start trying to dictate what others can or can’t say, whether you agree with it or not, you’re pretty much raping people of their freedoms anyway.

    As for the “rape” joke I delivered, you can view it here http://bit.ly/fFWY1E

    Cherish the people and things you like. Ignore the people and things you don’t.

    Evans From The Heavens

    • African Mami

      @ Keith,

      I beg to differ with your take on this subject matter. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing funny or warrants the funnies from his as you put it, ‘artwork’. Those cards do not ease any stigma attached to rape, if anything they open up emotional wounds for some! If this was a launching pad for a ‘comedic career’ for him, well he gets an F as my humor bones and a great deal of others have refused to be tickled by his insensitivity and foolishness. He is not being crucified without cause! Just because there is ‘Freedom of Speech’ is not to say that people should start making careers out of ignorance!