At Clutch, we’ve often waxed poetic about the transformative powers of a cleverly placed accessory. We thought it might be time to touch up on the subject again as the anticipation of a new fashion season often brings about the urge to reassess ones wardrobe, which can lead to thoughtless spending in order to chase the latest trends. If you’re looking to inject a bit of newness or completely overhaul your look, we suggest a focused approach that involves investing in accessories to pull off a stylish transformation.

Stocking up on quality accessories might sound like a pricey proposition, but if you shop smart and buy what’s in line with your personality (and budget), your cost per wear should be significantly low.

1. Bags
Few accoutrements have gained as much importance over the years as the handbag. Utilitarian purposes aside, we’ve rarely seen an outfit suffer from the addition of a stand out carryall. Since we practically carry our whole lives in our purses, it stands to reason that they would be associated as a representation of a total persona. Nothing says sophisticated like a clutch that can take you from day to night, a sturdy satchel or bowler adds professional polish, and frameless shoulder bags lend an effortlessly relaxed appeal. Be bold with bags with embellishments and bright colors or keep it classic with rich neutral tones and smart details.

2. Shoes
Whether you’re a street pump princess or a sexy stiletto lover, putting your best foot forward can only sharpen your style. For instance, pointy-toe (not as exaggerated as popular styles from years past) shoes can instantly elongate legs and charming flats can give thrown on jeans and t-shirts the appearance of being thoughtfully planned. This is also the perfect category to think outside the box with color-metallics can act as neutrals and matchy-matchy (shoes to ensemble) isn’t necessarily considered a do.

3. Jewelry
Adorning yourself with distinctive gems can add a new layer of dimension to a seen-before ensemble. Layer on the jewels for unexpected appeal or pick one conversation piece to make a dramatic statement. Use trinkets and baubles to highlight your best assets-shiny studs light up your face, rings draw attention to lithe hands, bracelets can anchor toned arms, and dangling earrings accentuate strong shoulders and a graceful neck.

4. Eyewear
Face framing shields for the glamorous, shy or mysterious can do wonders. Need to run out the door, but don’t have time for an all encompassing make up routine? You can still look ‘finished’ as a multitude of skin flaws can be forgiven behind a pair of fierce sunglasses. Even if you have perfect vision, the addition of a pair of non-prescription spectacles to your everyday wear is a great way to switch it up. Be sure to choose the right shape and size in order to compliment your lovely face.

5. Scarves
Throwing a scarf on is an easy option to incorporate a bit of print or color to your existing style staples. We’ve come to love them as accentuating neck pieces that add a flattering flash of color, but these wardrobe work horses can pull triple duty as a sash, wrap, or head dress.

6. Belts
It’s hard to believe that something so small can so completely transform the mood of an outfit, but this ultimate shape shifter is simply a must for any style chameleon.
Voluminous, otherwise shapeless frocks can become figure grazing garments with a cinch at the waist. Layered over jackets, dresses, or tunics the stylish possibilities abound.

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