Trophy Material


“Wifey material” is one of those terms I hear often. For some it’s a younger generation’s take on “the marrying kind”; for others, it doesn’t have anything to do with actually getting married. I was introduced to it years ago in the “you’re wifey material and I’m at the point in my life where I just want to play around,” sort of way. The discussion about what makes one “wifeable” is very similar to the conversation about what makes a “good man.” What I’ve observed is that wifeable is to trophy material as good man is to resume.

It doesn’t take much digging in the archives to realize that I am quite fascinated by what people look for in a partner and that I think a lot of people only know what they want on the surface and rarely question the things that will really matter. I’m also quite perplexed by the number of good guys claiming there are no good women or that women don’t like the nice guys because the women are saying the exact same thing about the men.

When I try to get to the bottom of it all I see that there are a lot of great dudes that have characteristics these ladies are looking for but not the resume. I also notice that the women have the qualities that the young men are looking for but not the image. This is not to say that dudes don’t look at resumes or that women don’t care about looks. However, you only have to listen to the number of women complaining that they don’t want to “date down” and look at the number of dudes rocking a t-shirt and sneakers who came in the building with the chick sporting a full face of makeup and stilettos to see where I’m coming from.

I’d also like to note that the “image” seems to change depending on circle and how the guy hopes to be perceived. I have more to say on the topic, but let’s see if we can get a discussion going first.

So what do you think? What have you experienced? Are guys to caught up in image? Guys do you think I am making this up? What am I missing?

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