I bit my nails for over 15 years. Whether I was nervous, anxious, happy, or sad — biting soothed my emotions. Often biting down to nubs, I had to rely on tips to get a pretty manicure. Three years ago, I started to educated myself on natural hair and body care. Through my research I stumbled across information to help keep natural nails strong and long. It was then I decided it was time to ditch my weekly fill appointment and start tending to my nubs.

Nail biting is a form of mild self-mutilation. While fairly common, it can be more than just a bad habit. More serious cases result in bleeding, bruises, infections, or even permanent damage to the fingers. With this realization, I immediately started a 12 step program toward recovery.

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  • Lyoness

    This is me to a “T”. Even though I don’t bite down to the nub, I still bite. Clear nail polish doesn’t work. I need a visual reminder not to bite. Now I’m “horribly” addicted to nail polish, LOVE bold colors, the trendy manicures, and nail polish blogs. I know when the new collections come out every season. LOL!!! (Tough problem to have)

    I give myself manicures so I won’t spend tons of money and I’ve gotten so good people assume I go to professionals. My tip: Pamper yourself and have a mani/pedi Sunday to get ready for the work week!!

  • I liked this article, but 12 steps is a bit much! Here’s my advice in ONE STEP:

    Realize how disgusting nail biting is by thinking about all the things that you do with your hands, the hundreds of things you touch on a weekly basis… Acknowledge the bacteria that you pick up from those items and place into your mouth. That should help. = )

    (Personal experience)I bit my nails for years until I witnessed someone else doing and noticed how silly they looked. I psyched myself into believing that the guy I liked at the time would never kiss me if I bit my nails and had a germ-filled mouth. Needless to say, I never kissed him anyway, but I wish you could see how amazing my nails look now. LoL