It’s no secret, Will and Jada’s kids have incredible talent. From Jaden’s ability to slip seamlessly into nearly any role and really inhabit it, to his little sister’s exuberance and pop appeal, the Smith kids are winning.

But these pint-sized celebs don’t seem to be rubbing everyone the right way.

Recently, the Loop 21 ran an article by professor and cultural critic, Stacia L. Brown, that “went in” on the Smith kids. In her piece, Brown discussed her disdain for the lack of humbleness Willow and Jaden seem to possess.

She writes:

“Did you know that if you Google the words ‘Jaden,’ ‘Willow,’ and ‘obnoxious’ together, you get about 67,000 results? Well, make that 67,001 because we’re about to go in.

“Let’s just put it out there: these precocious little moppets have been rubbing folks the wrong way since 2006. That’s when Jaden played opposite his dad in the Chris Gardner biopic, The Pursuit of Happiness. Afterward, he and his family hit the press circuit. Hard. That’s exactly when the public first became aware of just how irritatingly precocious he and his little sister had the capacity to be.”

Although many have commented on the Smith kid’s personalities and have even called them “too grown,” I’m not sure I buy into the fact that they are arrogant and completely absorbed with fame.

Some point to Willow’s recent appearance on Oprah as an example of her manish behavior. During the show, Oprah asked Willow about her closet and the 10-year-old responded, “Giiiirrrrrrlllll…it’s from here to here.”  While some saw this as cocky and disrespectful, I saw it as a young girl trying to relate to an older woman who is a close friend of her family. Should Willow have called the talk show queen, “Ms. Winfry” or “Ms. Oprah”? Sure, but if Oprah didn’t seem to have a problem with it, why should we?

Although I understand the reflex of some to label the Smith kids as “too grown,” what I think people are really saying is that they aren’t sure how to deal with children (especially Black children) who are so amazingly confident in who they are and what they can do. Personally I applaud Will and Jada for raising kids who seem completely comfortable in their own skin and have the courage to follow their dreams.

What do you think? Are Willow and Jaden too grown? Sound off!


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  • Noname

    Those two are too grown and alot of you know it.It has nothing to do with “hating” or whatever crap you want to call it. These kids are too grown and most def don’t seem humble. Also to the people talking about there just kids,um no that is not an excuse.I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want a child talking to you as if you’re one of their homeboys and homegirls. Please! You know good and darn well you wouldn’t go for that. Of course since these are celeb kids and the kids of Will & Jada Smith it’s ok. “Chile” I guess.Quit kissing the smiths behinds like they are god.

  • Noname

    By the way the person that posted this seems to be kissing the smiths behind too like alot of these other comments smh.