What began as just another day on the job for local anchor Shomari Stone has now become national news.  Stone, who works at KOMO 4 News, the Seattle ABC affiliate was out on assignment near the waterfront where he and a cameraman were filming his clips for the evening broadcast.  In the middle of Stone recording the intro, a fight between several men broke out nearby.

The scuffle quickly turned into a one-on-one fight, with one man punching the other in the head.  Stone, who at this point was yelling at the two men to stop fighting, says initially he did not want to get involved.  But as the man continued to take hits to the head, the reporter says “instinct kicked in.”

As seen on the video, Stone rushed into the middle of the fight and tackled the assailant down to the ground.  Witnesses called 9-1-1 and police quickly arrived on the scene.  However, the real story is in what happened after cops got there.  Mediabistro reports:

According to police officers, the man that Stone saved was possibly a white supremacist. When the victim, whose arms were covered in swastika tattoos, approached Stone to thank him after the incident, Stone, who is African-American, told the man, “Remember to judge the man by his character and not the color of his skin.”

Stone acted as a concerned citizen and a colorblind one, going out his way to make sure another person did not get hurt.  While there may be irony in it for the alleged white supremacist, I think even he would have to agree being saved by black man beats getting windmill punches in the street.

Many are calling Stone is a hero for being unafraid to jump in and split up the fight.  If you had witnessed the situation, tell us- what would you do?

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  • Lauren

    After watching the video it appears that there are many issues that also should be addressed. Okay, fine: should the reporter have ‘intervened’ in the first place. But what about the fact that it was a d r u g d e a l. People who meet at drug deals usually come ready and prepared for the worst; this likely means that in their possession, there maybe a weapon or.. wait for it… several weapons concealed. This world may not be that of Scarface or video games like Grand Theft Auto. There’s no blow touches, old school mob guns, or lazer blasters but you could easily die in seconds if someone were to strike you with a broken beer bottle or even a loose brick.

    Everyone love a superhero but let’s please for a second… would that reported really have “saved” him if it weren’t for his camera crew being there to film the whole ordeal? Or with cameras would he have just walking past them as if they were just another piece of grime in the city. I’m only saying this because I don’t want this to promote this ‘i must do super hero things’ urge in rational people. Failure in assessing dangerous situations with logical judgment, while at the same time putting one’s lives in danger (in a pretty wreak-less way) is never right. This new station needs to do a special on “how to better handle situations like this so you don’t get killed”, instead of play this sh*t over, over.

    • mluv

      Um lauren, yes WE ALL KNOW your not suppose to get in situations like that. And it was this time he got fortunate and the reporter himself didn’t get hurt. Life is an ongoing struggle for survival and many people make stupid life threating decisions everyday. What the reporter did was a nice deed. I would NOT have got involved in the fight but I would have called the cops. If I feel I can do something about a situation it is all about instinct. What you say now could be something totally different from what you would DO when your in that moment.

  • EmpressDivine

    I’m sure (I hope) he didn’t know he was a white supremacist. I wouldn’t have jumped in. Just call the police and take some pics for evidence.

  • EDTesq

    As a human, I’d hope that someone would help me if I were in a similar situation. We each attempt to live our lives in a bubble and stay out of everything. But truth be told, if we spent a bit more time looking out for our neighbors — the other humans in society — the world would be a much better and safer place b/c people wouldn’t feel like it is okay to stomp someone in a very public place.

    As far as him helping a white supremecist — that was an after-the-fact discovery. The reporter did the right thing by helping his fellow human being — hopefully we will all take a lesson from this and do the same.

    btw – I’m not saying this kid was not wrong/ignorant for his views, but the best way to teach someone is to show them the good in the individual. Hopefully those corny words are seared on his brain and he takes that and influences one of his friends with the same ignorant beliefs.

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