Making the rounds to promote his new album, it feels like Chris Brown has been answering few questions on the music and whole lot about his full frontal pics.

The newly blonde, newly rapping singer has been the hot topic for nude pictures leaked of him early last week. During a stop in Washington, D.C., Chris commented on the pictures. Speaking with Toby Knapp of DC station Hot 99.5, Chris said he was ‘shocked’ to see the pictures. Initially though, he had his doubts the photographs were real:

You kinda gotta be like, ‘No, I guarantee it’s Photoshopped.’ It was like, ‘No, that’s not me.’ They always say I got a naked photo out so I was like, ‘Cool,’ but when I saw it I was like, ‘Oh, damn, I kinda did take that picture.’”

Yeah, Breezy, you kinda did.

When asked about his mother’s reaction to the leak, Chris said he hadn’t spoken to her about them yet. But he could imagine what was to come.

She’s gonna be like, ‘What is wrong? Why is your [bleep] all out?’ . . . She’ll probably just tell me to watch who I be sending the pictures to — if you gonna do that, don’t be sending them to no . . . Girls be reckless.”

From the quote it’s hard to tell if ‘girls be reckless are Chris’ thoughts or part of the warning he thinks he’ll get from Momma Brown, but either way it seems to try and take the blame off the person holding the camera phone in the mirror of said pictures. Sure, some of the women Chris associated with will leak photos to the press, but is this really a ‘shock’? The man has been famous since he was a boy, you would think after all his less than favorable media moments, he would learn to be more careful. I mean really- it’s hard to imagine how any of this is surprising anymore.

Tell us what you think of Chris’ leaked pic fiasco- Does Breezy have a point about ‘reckless’ girls? Share your thoughts Clutchettes!

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  • Sasha

    I agree with Justmythoughts. Chris is grown, and PLENTY of grown men and women send nude photos to their significant others…the fact that it got leaked is unfortunate but lets not come down on him like he’s not a human in relationships and doing things many other adults do. This was obviously to hurt his rep and i cant say it even worked..


  • zy

    sorry, i wasn’t impressed because in my eyes, he’s a child. an immature child who needs to FINALLY try fessing up and REALLY taking the blame for something already. i’m so tired of hearing him throw blame on his “haters” or “reckless girls”… negro… YOU TOOK THE PIC AND SENT IT TO THE CHICK. GTFOH and grow up already. ugh.