He is still fresh, but President Obama is not forever young.

The stress of being behind the desk in the Oval Office has taken its toll on the Commander in Chief.  According to beauty experts, President Obama’s face has aged a ten years since the beginning of his term.  RadarOnline brought together several beauty experts to compare photos of President Obama at the start of his presidency to now.  Referencing the progression in those photos, beauty and healthy lifestyle expert Rebekah George said of Obama:

“I’d say he appears a decade older…(compared to other politicians), I would say Obama shows the most significant aging over the shortest period of time — and he’s the youngest of the bunch.”

If his youthful charm is going, it may be some reconciliation that rapid aging effect happens to most Presidents.  George says the changes boil down to the science of our skin.

“It’s simple: stress increases the hormone cortisol, which, in turn, damages our looks.The main issue is cortisol damages skin’s ability to hold onto water, so you literally start to lack a glow. Your skin also becomes drier and that leads to wrinkling.”

While Obama certainly has more grays on his head than when he first started, it’s understandable and expected.  With everything on his agenda, even the President’s off days are hard work.  But this is what he signed up for and he seems more than intent to take all of it on.  In an interview with NBC 130 days on the job, President Obama noted:

“I’m always puzzled when people say, ‘You’re taking on too much…Well, what exactly would you have me give up?”

Personally, I think the silver halo suits him.  Given all he faces on a daily basis with the pressures of a nation, the world and a family, I’d say President Obama is holding up pretty well.  So don’t dye or hide those greys, Mr. Commander of Chief.  Consider them a well-earned symbol of pride.

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  • This is interesting, but were there actually age progression/forensic experts that can back this up? Having forensic/age progession experts along with the beauty folks would have made this more convincing IMO…

  • minna k.

    Fo-Ti, Ashwaghanda, and Holy Basil.

  • boho.barbie

    Well he’s still fine!

  • African Mami

    DAMMIT I would have aged IMMEDIATELY i was sworn in as president…the economic deficit, soaring unemployment rates, and everybody and their ancestor looking at me as their savior…them wrinkles would have started forming as I took oath, and the hair would have started greying too that very minute.

  • EbonyMaple Leaf

    LOL, all the presidents entered in with dark hair and within 6 months had white hair like Gandalf the White from Lord of the Rings! The job is past stressful…………