When designer Craig Brimm, created the Kiss My Black Ads blog, he says he set out to prove that “cultural evolution does not mean that cultural identity is dead.” With a loyal following and recognized industry clout, the blog has helped elevate the conversation around African-American advertising, marketing and design.

Kiss My Black Ads has fostered new and important discussions about advertising directed to people of color and those conversations are definitely on the radar of industry leaders. Last October, Brimm’s “10 Things Marketers can Learn from a Multicultural Muppet” post was featured by Ad Age as a ‘must read’ for marketers across the spectrum. The commentary on the Sesame Street video “I Love My Hair” video- which featured a young African-American girl celebrating her hair- is just one example of the kinds of insights Kiss My Black Ads brings to the table.

Brimm’s insights come from years of industry experience creating effective communications for diverse audiences. As Creative Director/Art Director of Culture Advertising Design, Brimm has created several high profile campaigns for clients such as Coca Cola, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Company, Wachovia, just to name a few.

Most recently, you can see Culture A.D’s work in the new Crème of Nature line of Argan Oil hair products running now in several major print publications. Working on everything from the package design to graphic design, Brimm used his creativity and vibrant design to bring the brands updated modern approach to life.

For more information about Craig Brimm, Culture A.D. and Kiss My Black Ads, please visit:kissmyblackads.blogspot.com


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  • boho.barbie

    Nice work!

    • As a fellow graphic designer I really appreciate sites such as KMBA. I went through college not really knowing as much about the diverse side of design as I could have….now KMBA is on my daily blog reading list!

  • Well-deserved and very nice write-up. Kudos to you Mr. Brimm!

  • KMBA is one of my favorite design and tech blogs! It’s so great to see them featured here.