In an interview with the British rag, The Sun, Atlanta crooner Cee Lo Green told the paper he’s been getting a lot of action from the ladies lately.

“I’m definitely having more sex than the average man. Yes, two or three women a night, trust me. The other day I slept with two women — not at the same time — because I was at home and they missed me. But you know, these are my friends; we missed each other. So I just want to give joy and good tidings, that’s what it’s all about.”

While I could care less who Cee Lo is sleeping with, part of me wonders how the media (especially the sometimes cruel world of Black media/blogs) would have reacted if a major Black female celeb—say Rihanna, Ciara, or Nicki—would have openly discussed their sexual exploits in such a way. I can hear the name calling now.

Oh wait…we have a might have an example.

When Rihanna recently joked about dating girls, the blogs quickly sat up and took notice. Cee Lo claims he’s sleeping with three woman a day and most don’t even bat an eye lash.


What do you think, Clutchettes?


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  • AJ

    There must be 3 women a night who are going through some tough times if they sleep with that man. I mean bottom of the barrel tough, terminally ill tough, praying to God tough to even be in the same room with that man at night. Nasty.