Hollywood beauties like Kelly Rowland, Lala Vazquez and Kim Kardashian swear by contouring and highlighting. And it’s easy to see why. For a festive night on the town or a dinner outing with your beau, contoured cheeks give a beautiful, glamorous look.

If you think only professionals can contour, you’re wrong. Here are some easy steps to recreate the look at home:

Contouring 101

-There are a couple of easy ways to locate your contour line. You can start by making the fish face or finding the midpoint between your nose and ears.

-Once you’ve located your contour line, using an angled blush brush, take a matte medium/dark brown blush or eyeshadow and draw a line under your cheek bone. (Yes, you can use eyeshadow on your cheeks. If it looks good who cares!)

-Brush the product upward in small circles to blend it out. You can use a Kabuki brush for more of a smooth finish. You can take the line up to the side of your face up to your temple if you want to thin out the sides of your face.

Highlighting 101

-After you clean the excess dark shade from your blush brush, go in with a light, shimmery highlight color (usually golden-toned, or a sheer beige) and swipe it right across the top of the cheek bone in a downward motion.

– Add the highlight color above the eyebrows, to the chin, the middle of the forehead because that’s where the sun naturally hits. If you really want skin that glows, add a makeup fix spray to the brush with the shimmer and apply to cheeks.

Blush Application 101

-With a nice highlight, blush can be optional depending on if you want more or a neutral look or a dash of color for the flushed look. The good thing is that it’s very easy to apply with this look.

-Smile and swipe your favorite shade onto the apple of your cheeks and blend upward.  You can mix your blush with the dark contour shade for more of an even, neutral look.

Top it Off

Now, this look can get a little powdery looking depending on the products that you use. To avoid the chalky look, spray a dual-fiber brush with makeup fix and brush it over the face. This will give you a smooth, even finish.

Check out these products that will help you to achieve the look!:



-Margaret Francois



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  • Bronze

    Thank you for this article. For some strange reason I’ve wanted to master this conturing technique to take my make-up to another level. But I wasn’t sure what products to purchase.

  • Great tips!

    Maybe it’s just me but, their makeup doesn’t look right.

    • what-what

      It isn’t just you…

    • Naomi

      It’s far too much. The first thing you should notice on a woman’s face shouldn’t be the volume of make up she’s caked on it.

  • ruggie

    Definitition of “contour”: “to mark with lines, to mold or shape so as to fit a certain configuration.” The photograph featured with this article shows women with lightly colored lines down the centers of their noses trying to get a more narrow look. This sends the wong message to African American women, many of whom have broad or round noses: that we should conform our features to fit other’s standards of beauty.