Weight is a touchy subject for many black women. Although a healthy portion of us is overweight, we tend to be extremely confident about our bodies. But recently, a few celebs are giving sistas a little inspiration to kick up the workouts and break many of the habits that threaten our health.

Michelle Obama, Jennifer Hudson, and Mo’Nique are just a few examples of black women who are championing a healthier lifestyle.

Once the Queen of the Phat Chicks, Mo’Nique made her living calling skinny women evil and being an out-spoken advocate for big girls. But after her husband mentioned that—although he loved her the way she was—he wanted her to be healthier, she took a long hard look at her weight.

Over the past few years Mo’Nique has been putting in work and dropping the weight. According to Black Voices, Mo says that just a few years ago she weighed in at a 262, but now fluctuates somewhere between 211 and 206. Even with more than 50 pound weight loss under her belt, and she isn’t done yet.

“I want to get to 180. That’s an amazing weight for me. I’m still a thick girl but it’s a healthy weight.”

Mo’ admits that staying healthy and keeping the weight off is no easy task, but she’s committed to being healthy. To help her stay on track she works out an hour every morning ( at 5:30am!) with a trainer and eats moderately. Although she tries to stick to fish, soups, yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, nothing is off limits.

“The one thing I didn’t want to do is drive myself crazy where it’s I can only have this, I can only have that.”

Mo’s advice is dead on, and a great reminder to those of us aiming to trim a few pounds off our waistlines before summer hits.

Check out Mo’Nique getting it in at the gym. How do you stay healthy and fit?


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  • CC

    BW and BM are horribly overweight. I know this site is mostly about BW, but I notice that when people talk about people being overweight, the only people most focus on are BW. Although it is a bigger problem for us, it is a huge problem for both the population of bw AND bm.

  • SankofaScholar

    Okay, I recently went for a physical exam and I spoke to my Dr. about my weight currently I am 5’4 and 180lbs and he told me that because of my body build (basically my genes) that I should not follow BMI scale ( which don’t include muscle mass) and just worry about eating correctly and getting exercise correctly .

    Sorry but I had to type that in caps because all this talk about numbers is ridiculous, oh and by the way GO MONIQUE!!!!

  • tina

    Not just black men and women are horribly overweight lots of Americans in general are very overweight from living the fast food nation and horrible cooking at home. Of not learning what healthy cooking or healthy food is, came from generations of people who were just lucky to get food on the table and back in the day hard work was exercise so getting fat was never a problem. Different era and now different problems, but don’t just put this on race, I’m overweight and I see a lot of overweight people from all types of ethnic and non ethnic backgrounds. And the black men in my family and in my circle only one of them is overweight and I don’t see a lot of overweight black men where I live, although I’ve seen a one very obese black man one at a basketball game and another who wasn’t black but he was very obese and it was alarming to me as well as unhealthy we as a nation have a lot of work to do to set examples to our children and the future generation. Stop making it a race thing and make it a people thing, we all net to get it together.

  • tina

    By the way Monique awesome success on your weight loss to a healhier you, you’re doing great I know the hard work and determination it takes. Take care.