Braid-outs are a great way to achieve a textured/wavy look. They are also very versatile. You can wear your braid-out, as is, or wear it as a textured puff or updo. Braid-outs are also quick and easy DIY – do-it-yourself- styles that can be achieved with as little as six to eight braids.

Braid-outs can be done as simply as sectioning your hair, adding a small amount of water and/or pomade/alcohol free gel – depending on your hair texture, and braiding each section. After a few hours or overnight, apply a little oil/pomade to each braid, un-braid, fluff and go. You can control they size of your waves by making your braids big or small.

Braid-outs can last anywhere from one to two weeks, and can be done starting with wet or dry hair. They are also a great way to stretch-out natural hair. Some people re-braid their hair each night, but this is not necessary. Maintaining braid-outs is also very easy. Simply cover at night with a satin bonnet, and fluff in the morning.

As the wavy texture of your braid-out fades overtime you can simply re-braid sections or your entire head at night and start the process again. You can also turn your braid-out into a textured puff or updo. Also, after braiding you can add rollers to the end of each braid to achieve a wavy/curly look.

Quick Braid-out Tips

1. Make sure you start by braiding with even sections of hair to avoid having to split sections while braiding, which will result in a frizzy braid pattern.

2. Keep your braids in long enough, preferable overnight, in order for your hair to set/form the braid wavy pattern.

3. When working with wet hair, make sure your braids fully dry before unbraiding.

4. Add a little extra oil/pomade at the end of each braid and twist the ends with your fingers (or roll on rollers) to avoid frizzy ends.

5. Before removing braids add a little pomade/styling product to each braid for added shine and to help fight frizz.

Check out the videos below with step-by-step instructions on how to do braid-outs on wet and dry hair, as well as on various lengths.

Dry Hair

Short Hair

Cornrow Braid-out on Wet and Dry Hair

Medium Length

PrettyDimples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkzoWOzI_no

Long Hair

Braid-out w/Curled Ends Ninapruitt



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  • The braid out is my favorite style. I wear my hair this way 98% of the time. Twist outs don’t do as well on my hair, they always end up looking like a wash and go but with more work.