We’ve all experienced those nasty little critters. You’ve just done your nails on your own, polished on a fresh coat of paint, and ARGH! Right there around the edges of your fresh nail set is a hangnail! Hangnails are small pieces of skin that remain attached at the base or side of your nails that can often be painful, especially when removed. What causes them? Dried out cuticles. They are also caused from the habit of picking at or biting nails. We often don’t have the time in the day to pamper ourselves as we should and take care of our pretty little fingers.  So to keep the little crusties from coming back, here are some tips on how to avoid hangnails.

1. Juice them up. Keep your nail beds moisturized. Use cuticle oil or cream to keep the skin around the nails supple. Dry nails are the first things that lead to hangnails.

2. Don’t pick at your cuticles! It’s a habit that most women have–even more so than nail biting–and makes the little boogers pop up.

3. Nick them while their short.Instead of picking at your cuticles, snip them off as soon as you see them with a good pair of nail scissors. This keeps them from growing longer and becoming more painful.

4. Use your resources. A really good moisturizer for your cuticles is petroleum jelly. The fats in the product penetrate through the layers in your skin while the jelly itself creates a film preventing air from drying out the skin.

5. Nighty-night. The best time to pamper cuticles is at nighttime. Massaging a little bit of lip-balm into your nail beds will keep them moisturized and protected throughout the night.

6. Healing power. A natural element to heal hangnails quickly is by tapping into nutrients. Dropping vitamin E oil on nail beds after a fresh clip is one of the best ways to prevent hangnails from appearing.

7. Watch the solution! Avoid acetone-based nail polish remover because it dries out hands and nails, making hangnails highly susceptible.

8. Push it. Make sure you have your cuticles pushed back often with an orange stick or cuticle tool.

9. Keep ’em groomed. Trim your nails regularly so they appear and stay neat at all sides and angles. Do this by treating yourself to regular manicures.

10. Kick a bad habit. Try your hardest to fight the urge to chew or bite on nails. Doing so aggravates the nail bed and causes hangnails to bleed.

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  • fafafasff

    3. Nick them while *THEY’RE* short.

  • It would be easier just to carry around a cuticle oil stick. Charlotte Russell sells them and it smells so sweet.