After sending a bizarre letter to the producer of his Two and A Half Men sitcom, troubled actor Charlie Sheen took to the talk show circuit to defend his behavior and convince audiences that he’s better off than we may think. This resulted in enough sound bites and quotables to keep gossip bloggers and Twitter comedians in business for a month. Among them: he’s not bi-polar, “I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there, “’Can’t’ is the cancer of ‘happen’” and “I have tiger blood” (#tigerblood has been on Twitter’s trending topic consistently since his Good Morning America interview aired).

I cannot tell a lie; after a day of trying not to be amused by Sheen’s crazy speak, I succumbed to temptation and let myself laugh. I played the #biwinning card with a few of my Twitter friends and had a good chuckle. But even for the humor I can see in the actor’s words (and how convinced he is of his own stability, when he looks like he could pass out any minute), I can’t help but feel guilty about laughing at someone who seems to be in serious trouble.

Aside from the danger he may pose to his own life, Sheen is also the parent to five children (the oldest is 25); the 45 year old also has two 24 year old girlfriends who help him raise his twin 2-year-old sons. Both his estranged wife Brooke Mueller and ex-wife Denise Richards have accused Sheen of various forms of domestic abuse in the past; in 1990, he accidentally shot then-girlfriend Kelly Preston in an incident that led to the couple’s break-up.

As much as we love to see people up, we really love to see them tumbling down. Sheen’s interview behavior reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s 2002 chat with Diane Sawyer, in which she gave us the gems “Crack is wack” and “Show me the receipts”; in fact, the bizarre antics of a troubled Houston and then-husband Bobby Brown made for one of the funniest reality shows in television history. Many of us who wouldn’t dare crack a smile at the site of the local junkie dancing off-beat on the subway platform find major amusement watching successful celebrities as they behave erratically.

While we’re laughing at Sheen for being totally convinced that he’s #winning, despite much evidence to the contrary, let’s hope that he’s actually telling the truth about being clean and sober. I don’t wish him well because he’s on television (I’ve watched more of his interviews in the past 48 hours than I have episodes of Two and a Half Men in, well, ever), but because he’s a human being. He’s someone’s father, someone’s son and a couple of somebody’s boyfriend. While Sheen’s fame and skin color have thus protected him from prison, may the #tigerblood protect him from harming someone else or himself.

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  • BeautyIAM

    I really do find all the coverage of him ridiculous. I guess I just don’t find it funny when someone really needs to get help and is making an ass out of themselves when they have a family to take care of. I couldn’t even get through one of the interviews he did.

    The media did this with Anna Nicole, with Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and countless other celebrities. Yes, Its easy for us as non-famous people to just not care about them because they will make more money than most of us. But money is not always to root to happiness.

    I think we are really sinking low in this society if more people don’t stand up to this BS. I’m just tired of it. Yes, Charlie is probably one of the biggest a-holes in Hollywood, but I’m not going to just sit back and laugh when I know he needs help because I don’t like him that much.

    “While Sheen’s fame and skin color have thus protected him from prison…”

    In all honesty…yes.

  • He’s not bi-polar he’s bi-winning. All he cares about right now is winning. He doesn’t care about his boys learning about his behavior because then he can tell them the truth and they too will be winning. He’s a total bitchin’ ass rock star from Mars and he’s winning.

    If these soundbyte ready quotes aren’t enough to make people love to hate or hate to love Charlie Sheen then try this on for size… After signing up to Twitter, Sheen amassed more than a million followers in a day. A first for the micro-blogging site. The proof is in the numbers and Mr. Sheen has numbers on his side. Drug tests don’t lie, numbers don’t lie, scoreboards don’t lie, and the number of twitter followers you have for damn sure don’t lie.

    But they do.

    The million or more people following Charlie Sheen don’t care about Charlie Sheen. They want to see him tweet his trainwreck. They want to be able to pin-point the moment he crashes and burns in 140 characters or less. Hell, at least I do. We get off on other people’s woes, other people’s stupidity, other people’s egotism, on other people just being other. Kanye West is a perfect example. A lot of us watch music award shows hell even telethon’s where he’s a guest, host, or performer just to see what he’ll say. “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People.” Winning. “Beyonce had the best video of all time *kanye shrug*” Bi-Winning.

  • hes clearly in trouble, so i dont take anything he says seriously and try to refrain from tweeting any of his nonsense… BUT i do see the humor in it, as he is just so far gone you have to laugh. i mean, ‘biwinning?’ ‘tiger blood?’ its ridiculous

  • Lauren

    This is the biggest load of CRAP I have ever had the misfortune of reading!! Please if this were a black male athlete or rapper the white MSM and black people particularly black women would be TRIPPING over your fool selves to talk s**t about them so who is this dumb soandso kidding?! I feel NO sympathy for Charlie Sheen and don’t give a damn if he is someone’s father and son HE is the one who should have thought about that before he messed up. He is a grown man who needs to be held accountable for his own actions and ‘accidently’ shot my ASS! I think he shot her on purpose because she was leaving his sorry ass for John Travolta the one thing I do find ‘funny’ is black women who are supposed to be so damn up in arms over domestic violence are giving a pass to this a-hole and LOSER The guy is a woman beating punk and either Brooke or Denise’s family needs to go old school on him.