The big news out of the fashion industry today: Dior has fired designer John Galliano.

Sunday night while eyes were on the Oscars, another story had started to brew.  Video tape of the designer engaging in a racist rant was posted first by The Sun on Sunday.  In the tape, Galliano is heard declaring, “I love Hitler.”

After his rant was through, onlookers say Galliano then began verbally attacking others around him.  According to the The Sun:

The British designer – an alleged Jew hater – then tells a horrified woman: “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f****** gassed.”

After stating he loved Hitler and making the gassing remark, a woman is heard to say, ‘Oh my God’ before asking slurring Galliano if he had a problem.

He said: “With you. You’re ugly.” Asked where he was from, he said: “Your a***hole.”

Galliano’s racist tirade was videotaped by a friend of the people he was insulting.  Incidentally, they were French and Italian and not Jewish.

The designer’s rant comes a week after a couple accused him of verbally attacking them.  The incident led to him being arrested and suspended by fashion label Christian Dior.   Today, the French fashion house, owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton said it had begun initiating procedures to dismiss Galliano.

Interestingly, while the story has been the buzz for many sites few sites geared to people of color have not covered the story at all.  While in some ways the story is about a fashion designer who in his privilege and pretentiousness showed his most disgusting side.  But this story is more than an anti-semetic rant along the Seine, its about racism.

So tell us what you think ladies, should the Galliano story resonate with us more?


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  • Marguerite

    He should not have said what he did, not out loud anyway, but that is their battle, the jews. They don’t care how they treat other minorities. Look how jews keep minorities from movie roles in Hollywood. They perpetuate racism.

  • zy

    let’s be real here. racism against one is generally racism against many. because he hollered this rant at a Jewish couple does not mean he wouldn’t have spewed the same type of vitriol towards a black couple. he’s racist and disgusting. time for him to go. i’m glad Dior took fast action with this idiot.

  • Hannah

    ‘Jewish’ may not be a race, but it is an ethnic group. Racists are often prejudiced against races and ethnic groups, therefore he is a racist. Regardless of your definition of a race or racism, he is still prejudice against a group of people. Like many others before me have already said, when you hate one, you more than likely hate many others. And about the Ethiopian Jews, what country hasn’t discriminated against large groups of immigrants claiming the same rights to be there, taking up their resources and tax money and what not. It’s always perpetrated by those in power, and not always the people as a whole.

  • Alexandra

    I think he is racist. But I dont disagree that some people only care about racism unless its directed at them.
    But the couple got their justice. He was laid off because of his comments. And ‘Dior girl” Portman was upset about it too.