To be completely honest, I’m not quite sure how the following makes me feel.

In an open letter, Lauryn Hill reached out to her Atlanta fans promising them a make-up concert after giving them a less than stellar show. The singer, whose small-scale tour seems to be turning into a lesson on redemption, wrote:

“I had to come back. I’M HERE and excited for the opportunity to do what should have been done the last time.”

Lauryn has had a slew of problems as she embarked on her recent tour dates. While most of us have been anticipating her return to the stage, many of the fans who’ve gone to her shows end up confirming our worst fear–things just ain’t the same. From accounts of fans storming out of her performances, to Hill’s chronic lateness, L-Boogie is an erratically brilliant performer.

The open letter closed with a line that, really, no one could see coming. Of all people, L-Boogie referenced fellow emcee Nicki Minaj.

Lauryn wrote:

“Starting off on the wrong foot can always be easily rectified by putting another foot down, especially in a ‘monster shoe’ (Nicki Minaj quotable). Come Again! Ms. Hill (Part Deux)”

Uhm…’come again’ says it all.

Lauryn’s make up concert for ATL fans will be held at the city’s Center Stage on March 31.

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  • tabula rasa

    I really wish Lauryn would come back in a big way. And by that I mean making high quality music like her music from the past (but with a modern twist of course) and getting actual recognition for it. I’m starved for ‘real’ music- with non-auto tuned vocals, live instruments, crafty/meaningful lyrics, great beats, and even interesting videos.