LisaRaye is on the comeback trail and will be letting viewers follow her through it all on a new season of her TV One reality show. The “Player’s Club” actress announced that she is currently filing nine new episodes of “The Real McCoy” that will air in this Spring.

“We’ve come a long way since we first started taping season one of this show,” said LisaRaye. “I am very excited to be back with TV One for season two, and to share with viewers the many exciting developments and blessings in my life over the past year.”

The show will chronicle the adventures of the former first lady of Turks and Caicos, as she travels from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Viewers will get to watch has LisaRaye juggles motherhood, singledom, and her new role in the upcoming VH1 series, “Single Ladies.”

Girlfriends Elise Neal, Tatyana Ali, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Jacque Reid will make appearances on the show as well as Twista, Nelly, DeRay Davis, Rev. Bishop T.D. Jakes and Chef G. Garvin.

Season Two of “The Real McCoy” is set to air April 7th on TV One.

Tell us Clutchettes: will you be tuning in to LisaRaye’s reality show?

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  • boho.barbie

    Certainly not! I’m sure she’s a great person and all but I don’t respect her as a serious actress and something about her rubs me the wrong way. Any wooo I know she’s grown but I was done during the 1st and only episode I saw, she was fuming about some how magazine i.e. King or Black Men’s was disrespecting her because she was a “First Lady” and they choose a butt shot to go on the cover of their magazine that she willingly posed for!

  • Tiffany

    What turned me off to LisaRaye’s reality show was just the general feeling that I really didn’t care to hear her side of the story(about the divorce)….nor did I have a genuine interest in her personal life. And I won’t even touch the episode where she was kissing her teenage daughter on the lips….

    So will I watch the second season? Nope. I’m not a fan of any reality show that comes on TVOne to be honest. It just seems like the production of it is lower than their competitors. But God bless her.

  • Mina

    I will watch the show again, You know it’s ok for (White people) to have shows like real world, jersey shore, bad girls clubs, ect….. but when a black network has a show it is always our people who have something negative to say. This is a black women who has her own reality show framed around her. I am proud of Lisa Raye and What she is doing and where she came from. And as far as her kissing her child she did not on the lips she did on the cheek watch the show get it right. And we definitely need to have more black parents loving their kids so they won’t go out in the streets to get it from somewhere else. And as far as her marriage she needeed to tell the truth and expose this man who was obviously a liar, more women need to do so. SO I will watch the show again and continue to support a (BLACK) actress because lets keep it real there are a lot of people who are not doing anything at all with there life atleast she’s trying to do something. I feel that I am happy she has a show and I wish they will give more black people a show better them make their money this way then on the streets or on welfare.

    • Shon

      @Mina, it’s your option to watch the show however the other folks who commented will not. I had to respond because I can’t co-sign (not that you asked) that because real world, jersey shore, etc then it must be okay. That’s like saying if everybody is jumping off the bridge than surely I need to follow suit and jump.

      I agree we need more black parents loving their children but that starts in the home.

      As to it’s better for them to make their money this way then on the streets or on welfare, you must be young (at least in logic). Now who is this show helping making money? I seriously doubt this show is keeping someone off the street or on welfare. Now if they were in the community helping those less fortunate then I’m in agreement but showing some career should be over itch is not helping the masses that really need the help.

    • Tiffany

      So…you don’t think Italians hate Jersey Shore?? Or White People complain about 16 and Pregnant and Rock of Love?? You think that Blacks are the only ones who speak out about reality shows with ONLY black people on it?

      This isn’t a “crabs in a barrel” situation…because we (and by we, I mean black people) LOVE some Run’s House, Keyshia Cole ‘The Way It Is’, LaLa’s Full Court Wedding…and so forth. The difference, in my opinion, between those shows and LisaRaye’s is that their shows were entertaining. Her show wasn’t for me. But since she has a fan in you Mina, I guess you’ll support it. But don’t do this whole “blacks never support their own” witch-hunt because if you REALLY read my comment, I wasn’t bashing her at all.

  • Mina

    Well I mean never have I said that u bashed it but in my opinion (black people)need to keep comments that may be negative about our people to ourself. I mean white people may hate their shows but they rearely speak on it and they don’t let other people know that. Us (black People) being black in America we have to watch what we do and support one another. And I know we may not like some of the things that we do as a whole but instead of publicly saying things we should keep things like this to ourselves and discuss it in private among one another because you better believe that ever other race is doing the same. We are so critical and especially on our people we need to learn to be critical in private. I may agree on somethings that all of you said but would rather keep it private to save face for our race…. I’m just saying. But you guys are so right just stating my opinion. :-)