Good news in the fight to prevent unplanned pregnancies. New research suggests that levonorgestrel, the hormone used in the morning after pill, may be safe for non-emergency use.

A new report published by the Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology found that women who used the morning after pill around the time they had sex had only a 5% chance of getting pregnant, compared to 16% chance for women whose partners used condoms.

Although the morning after isn’t quite as effective as using continual birth control methods such as pills or patches, women who do not have sex frequently and who do not want to be on continuous hormone-based birth control can benefit from taking the morning after pill either before or after sex.

Of the 8400 participants testing the effectiveness of the morning after pill as a regular birth control method, only 267 became pregnant. For most of the studies, women took only half the levonorgestrel currently prescribed in the morning after pill and experienced mild side effects such as spotting and irregular bleeding between cycles.

According to Reuters, “levonorgestrel works by stopping ovulation, and it’s also found in some traditional birth control pills. According to the new study, it’s used by some women in Africa and Asia as a planned method of birth control, instead of an emergency backup.”

Despite being an acceptable use of regular birth control, the morning after pill may have a hard time shaking its reputation of just being used for emergencies. Even though it carries a low price tag (about $10-$17), and is currently available for over the counter use for people over 17, many stores including Walgreens don’t (or won’t) carry it. Furthermore, the government still discourages its use as a regular contraceptive.

But knowledge is power. And knowing that there are more options available for women to control our reproductive health is definitely a good thing.

What do you think? Would you use the morning after pill as a regular form of birth control?


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  • fuchsia

    Yes I would use it, only because I don’t have sex regularly. Because I don’t want to use “full time” birth-control, and this, to me, seems more like “part-time” birth control.

  • ash

    this seems great!
    gives you options.. condoms, regular bc, or the quick one
    knowing me im so paranoid i would be on all 3 if it was safe ha!

  • a daughter of yemonya

    This is serious please read before you subject yourself to these chemicals:

    Sisters, Women of the earth (regardless of race, religion or creed)…please be wary of what synthetic chemicals we put, ingest and inject into our body in order to prevent getting pregnant (long term or short term). Before you tune me out…hear me out…There are other options to birth control (more natural, cheaper and without the DEVISED and PLANNED side effects).

    This along with the myriad of other synthetic birth control pills are designed to obliterate your sacred womb as well as the rest of your body, namely your reproductive system, thyroid and lymphatic system. These pills cause serious long term side effects and were meant to.

    I am all for safe consensual, smart, sexual exploration and protecting oneself from disease and unwanted pregnancy, and there are herbal and safer ways to combat the latter:

    I would just ask all sisters to research their options clearly before ingesting something design to harm them and possibly prevent them from having children in the long run (sterilization). Although, this organization was not mentioned above, I’d be remiss not to mention the founder’s agenda of this particular organization which is uniquely tied with that of the government/health care system and that of creators of these precious pills.
    Please check out some of this information on these sites as well as the ingredients and side effects of such chemicals as levonorgestrel.

    I am all for free will and choice, however in order to make a clear choice one really needs to know what they are working with. I have encountered several women who had severe side effects from the various birth control “devices” (no pun intended) that they took over varying lengths of time, ranging from all across the board. I also would checkout in the above article why only did they mention Africa and Asia among the places that folks utilize this chemical.

    Below are two clips that speak about the founder of above mentioned organization, called Planned Parenthood…,
    and if you’re interested in reading here is this: Look up The Black Holocaust on youtube. Now I know, some of you may be saying, “But I am not having nor getting and abortion!”. And you are correct, however these chemicals can/may/have (you choose) dire effects on your body (long or short term). Please before you make the final decision take some time to research. That’s all I am asking.

    Obviously, to answer the above question..”NO I WOULD NOT TAKE THIS SH_T!”
    Peace, love and positive motion of the ocean gently rocked by the Great Goddess…the MOON!!!

  • Belle

    I thought the Morning After Pill made you very sick. Someone school me because I wouldn’t want to subject myself to that regularly.

    • PrettyGirlSwag

      No, it doesn’t. As with any type of medicine you might feel nauseous, but the most common side-effect is irregular bleeding (which isn’t dangerous) or making your period come sooner.

    • ceecee

      It made me very sick.

    • Danielle

      Hey Belle,
      I’ve taken the morning after pill a few times over the past couple years and have never had any problems with nausea. The only effects I’ve encountered was my period either came sooner or later than usual or spotting in between periods, which PrettyGirlSwag is right, it’s not dangerous. There’s birth control like Yaz, that keeps you from having your period because its a non-stop, take-a-pill-everyday for 3 months straight, no 7 day placebo break in-between because we really don’t NEED to have one…we just do. BUT, everyone reacts differently to ANY kind of drug. Girls/Women that go on the Depo Provera shot have different effects as well. One friend of mine gained weight and had frequent headaches, when another friend didn’t have any effects at all. It all depends on how your body reacts.

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