• Women have spoken. They’re not going take the threats to their reproductive rights lightly. Over the weekend, women from coast to coast participated in Walk for Choice. From Los Angeles to Chicago to Philadelphia to Austin, women took to the streets to express their frustration over the recent overtures by pro-lifers to strip women of their rights. One thing is for sure: these women have a mean sign game. Check out some of the most interesting protest signs you’ll ever see. [Buzzfeed]

  • Breezy-leaks? Fresh off of the heels of the release of unseen photos from the 2009 domestic violence incident involving Rihanna and Chris Brown, Media Take Out is back at it again. Recently, the gossip site released a photo of Chris Brown taken the night of the incident. I don’t mean to throw shade (ok, maybe a little), but after seeing her wounds and now seeing his (scratch?), I think we can finally stop blaming the victim. Just saying. [Jezebel]
  • Charlie Sheen need to shut the f*ck up. Seriously. Who knew things could get worse than tearing up a hotel room in a drug-fueled rage, popping off at the mouth and losing your job, and looking like a complete crazy man. Yesterday he took his brand of crazy to the Today Show and didn’t disappoint those who love to watch a good train wreck. Unfortunately, it looks like the Charlie Sheen show will continue, and I’m wondering when the media will stop putting this fool on camera and start trying to get him some help. [Today Show]
  • Remember Aubry O’day from Danity Kane? Yeah, me neither. But apparently the former Bad Boy songstress has found a new way to eek out 15 more minutes of fame. The singer (?) will appear on Oxygen’s new reality show, All About Aubry, which will chronicle her road back to the spotlight.  Are you ready for yet another, “I want my fame back!” reality show? [Entertainment Weekly]




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