I truly believe that Oprah’s Master Class exists to fill my Sundays with inspiration. Last night the series (by far the strongest series on OWN) had many women clutching boxes of Kleenex and taking note. Why? Because Ms. Winfrey herself gave viewers part one of what will be a two-part Master Class.

In the first hour, Oprah took us through the journey of her childhood right up to her breakout show in Baltimore television “People Are Talking.” Along the way, she talked about her childhood, about being raped and molested, losing her pregnancy at 14 and dealing with naysayers who told her she would never make it in television with her name, her hair or her face. Shaking her luxurious locks, and staring into the camera with a face full of wisdom- Oprah’s presence alone served as the ultimate fulfillment of a dream.

With so many highlight moments, there was one that stuck out to me. It was after Oprah spoke about she felt nothing towards her unborn child, because she had spent years trying to cover it up and that the experience helped her understand the disconnect between her and her own mother. The icon explained how being born into a world that didn’t see you as a gift could taint your understanding of your place in the world. Looking into the camera, she paused reflected and then said this:

“Your very existence here, because you are here, because you made it. You are worthy.”

Hearing this, Oprah’s affirmation touched us to the core but also illuminate the core of the woman’s achievement. Despite all her own struggles and past, Oprah made her mission one that held the uplifting of others as a cornerstone criteria of her own success.

Often when we envision success, we do so on our own parameters. Where we will end up, where we live, what we will have but rarely do we ask whom we will be able to help. If Oprah’s rise is any indication, focusing on sharing our gifts can harvest a greater return than keeping them to ourselves.

So often we think the gifts we have are not worth sharing, that they wouldn’t have real value in the lives of others. But it is only by giving that we are able to see through to the heart of our gifts and see their widest application. Today, believe that you are worthy of sharing your gift and use it bless the people whose lives touch your own.

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  • Jennifer

    I have to find a repeat and DVR it. It seems amazing.

  • TruthTeller

    Why didn’t somebody try some morning motivation on Kimesa Smith who start a fight at Burger King. I see Clutch don’t want to deal with these sista’s on youtube acting a fool.

  • CHI Chick

    Leslie, I completely agree with you. I was moved, mobilized, and reminded that everyone has a story and everyone is a blessing. She was right when she said we’re all teachers. I’ve always admired Ms. Winfrey for her accomplishments and dedication to philanthropy, but watching that program, I relished in who she is a person and not only admire, but love her!