And the State of Black America is? Not bad, but not that great either.

According to new numbers from the National Urban League, life for African Americans has gotten slightly worse over the past year. The number come from the Leagues’ annual Equality Index, which measures the how Black in America fare in comparison to their white counter parts.

The League’s findings indicate a slight decline, with the index moving from 71.5% this year compared to 72.1% from last years report. According to the report, the major reasons for the slight drop hinge on factors including: the pace of economic recover, the state of the housing market, and an overall decline in the health index, driven by children’s health.

For the first time this year, the National Urban League used the Equality Index to compare the state of the nation’s Hispanic population to one-year prior. The report found that Hispanics fared slightly higher than Blacks, 76.8% but had risen on the index from 76.6%

The League pointed out the areas of disparity for Blacks and for Hispanics vary depending on class, but on there were issues that resonated by ethnicity. While Hispanics struggled with college enrollment, Blacks struggled the most in regards to children’s health.

One issue that both groups share as a problem area is loan access, an interesting commonality because it suggests other factors at play. Are bankers more like to lend out money to White than people of color? Are people of color less qualified to receive them than Whites?

There are many questions on the state of Black America and the experience of people of color in this country, but one thing remains sure- we have a long way to go.

The National Urban League will be hosting a Town Hall on its State of Black America report at Howard University this morning- you can tune in to view the live webcast here.

Tell us what you think of the National Urban League’s report? Do the trends reported reflect the reality you see? Share your thoughts with us Clutchettes!

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  • I don’t know about you but these disparities don’t come as a shock.

    I’m not shocked because I work in news. I may see the stories everyday, but that doesn’t make me immune to them. I’m not shocked because it’s been proven in recession after recession Black people will always take longer to recover. While the unemployment rate for the country is at a decreased 8.9 percent for most Blacks it’s still well above 15 percent. When the majority of the country was benefitting from President Obama’s mortgage modification program Blacks were still reeling after finding themselves unceremoniously forced into foreclosure after being preyed on with a sub-prime mortgage. In the case of wealth, I look at it like this, if white women can’t make the same amount as white men, there’s no hope for the races to even catch up. As for health, we had a 101 year debate about bettering the health care system for all Americans that’s left us one year past the passage of the Affordable Care Act talking about its repeal.

    The State of Black America can definitely be improved. I don’t believe we will never be able to overcome our circumstances, but to do so we’re going to need to help. A lot of it. Some of that help can come right from our own community. Some of that help will require government intervention.