It’s been nearly twenty years since Christopher Wallace burst onto the music scene with his 1994 debut, “Ready to Die,” single-handedly bringing New York hip-hop back.

Just 22 when “Ready to Die” dropped, Biggie was able to weave a story that could make many aspiring writers throw out their notebooks and find a new profession.  With introspective songs like “Juicy” and “Everyday Struggle” and braggadocios joints like “Got A Story to Tell” and “One More Chance,” it was clear that Biggie was not only skilled on the mic, but could write rhymes to fit any mood.

Because of his ferocious rhyme skills, many had no problem crowning Big the “King of New York” after just one album, and he embraced the title wholeheartedly. And as Biggie readed his second album, the music world seemed poised to witness greatness. But tragedy soon struck, changing hip-hop forever.

On March 9, 1997, on the cusp of releasing his highly anticipated sophomore album, “Life After Death,” Biggie was gunned down and murdered outside a party in Los Angeles. Although his murder is still unsolved (although new leads have surfaced), his music lives on forever.

Check out one of our favorite Notorious B.I.G. videos, “Big Poppa,” and share your favorite Biggie Smalls joint.

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  • “One More Chance” is my song!!!

    • big fan

      The World is Filled!



  • Rita

    One more Chance (Remix verison) is my fav

    I love total on this track.

  • JT

    All of them!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    This man songs was offences to women and he help lowered the standard on how young black men view women. He sold drugs and degrading lyrics to our young people. There’s nothing positive about him and it’s time for we black people to put him and Pac far away in our distance memories. As a black man I find todays rappers a negative force in our community.

    Stop embracing negativity.