With a fiery red hairstyle to match her sassy attitude, everyone’s favorite Bajan beauty has covered just about every magazine this month from Vogue to Rolling Stone.

In the latter, Rihanna rocks a wild curly afro with a white tied-up tanktop and barely there shorts. Photographed by Mark Seliger, the cover and spread feature the pop star in a series of scantily-clad looks like a denim bikini and, you guessed it, more short shorts.

Inside, the “Queen of Pain” talks about her relationships with her mentor, Jay-Z and her father who she says slapped her so hard he left a hand print. The revealing cover story hits newsstands and online this Friday.

What do you think of Rihanna’s Rolling Stone cover?

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  • Asha

    How many more stories do we need from Rihanna? At this point she’s pretty much an open book.

  • Samantha W.

    She looks hot. I like her. That wig is starting to grow on me. Work!

  • kim

    where are the rest of her pants?

  • Tifani

    I am so tired of seeing this girl everywhere!!!!!! I congradulate her on her success but I think she needs to go away for a while!!!!!!!!

    • tamar

      would you pause your career because people decided that they got tired of seeing you at work? lol

    • chanel

      i definitely wouldnt want to be TOO overexposed. there IS a such thing as being in people’s faces too much. people are seriously MISSING beyonce right now and she made the right move. this is the problem i have with the kardashians they get on my damn nerves cause they are literally EVERYWHERE and its annoying. every magazine cover,every tv show,every celebrity blog,commercials,facebook advertisements,products it is so damn annoying to see the same set of people constantly when they dont even really deserve the spotlight…but thats another story lol

  • yuko

    she’s trying to hard