Maybe it’s that Cheslea Handler doesn’t rub me the right way- or that she rubs up with rappers for publicity stunts, but nevertheless the talk show host has never really appealed to me that much.  But Rihanna interviews always promise to be entertaining so when word leaked that my favorite Bajan celeb was going to appear on Handler’s E! Show, my ears perked up.

The red-head was rocking flowing straight mane with bangs, and a one shoulder mini that showed off her infamous gams.  I was close to transfixed- that is until I heard Rihanna tell Handler this about the diversity of her fans out in Austrailia.  The singer dropped this line:

“I look around at my concerts and there is like one or two.  It is a rare thing and these people can be very black, too.  They are very beautiful, very special.”

While I get what she means about seeing one or two in the crowd- she’s going down a slippery slope with the “very Black” bit… It’s only a snipped though, so maybe tonight we’ll tune in to see where she was going with this.

Oh Rih, Rih…


The interview will air in its entirety tonight at 11 PM EST on E!

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  • sunshyne84

    yea so that never happened…

  • urban_mocha

    Maybe she was talking about the aboriginals from that area. They are very dark and beautiful.

  • rocky

    Um rihanna did not say this, you don’t have the entire interview up she never said anything about “very black” or nothing like that, chelsea brought up the fact that there are not too many black people in australia and then rihanna was like well now that you mention it i only see a few at the concert and they stand out cause they are dark and beautiful