Finally, an explanation for why the girl on your mini-feed always has 108 new tagged photos.

A new study suggests that women who habitually post Facebook photos are seeking ways to feel better about themselves.  Researchers at the University of Buffalo looked at the sharing habits of women on the social-networking site to gain further insight into their views on image, beauty and their perception of themselves.  The results aren’t exactly flattering.

Lead researcher on the project, Michael A. Stefanone studied more than 300 college aged men and women and monitored their use of Facebook, emotional reactions to activity on the site.  The women respondents gave their thoughts on what influences most how they think of themselves- from comments to likes, measuring responses from personal contingencies- family, close circle of friends to public contingences- all those other people listed on your “Friends” list.

Stefanone and his time found that not only were women posting more photos than men, they also were more likely to seek approval from their public contingencies.  Of the women who sought the approval of their public contingencies, the majority believed that their self-worth was tied to their physical appearance.

“The results suggest persistent differences in the behavior of men and women that result from a cultural focus on female image and appearance,” said Stefanone.

It’s hard to tell if adding women outside the study’s sample would reinforce the same findings, but it there is something troublesome from just the findings of these few.  Women seem to allow the reactions of people they don’t know well to govern their thoughts of themselves, ignoring the people who love them and know them the best.

Tell us Clutchettes: do you post photos for yourself or for others?

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  • bob

    and this is why women are so conceited now a days because of the men that comment on their pics boosting their ego’s through the roof to the point they think they the best thing in the world

  • EmpressDivine

    “…the majority believed that their self-worth was tied to their physical appearance.”

    *Glances @ my newsfeed* Yep, pretty much.

  • JoeClyde

    I swear people love to waste money on these studies. There are a lot of attention whore women on FB. Big surprise.

  • I don’t agree with the study. People in general put pics of what they are proud about- I think that’s a great thing. I don’t think people are looking for compliments.. Showing off- yes! Lack of self esteem- hell no.

    • what-what

      I disagree to an extent, maybe its a generation/age thing but in my experience, I have more friends who have like 4 pics of their graduation compared to the 500 pics they have of themselves drinking and posing in the club, maybe they are more proud of the fact that they have a drink in their hand then they are of their degree?